Why Podcasts Matter To Your Brand


Your company may not advertise on podcasts but that doesn't mean that people are not discussing your brand on podcasts. Here we present some reasons why you should care what they are saying about you.

Consumers Are Abandoning Cable and TV

Modern media consumers prefer to curate their own entertainment. According to DSLReports, the number of cable consumers peaked in 2012 and has decreased by 3.4 million. As this rate of cable cutting is only increasing advertising and marketing will need to adapt to stay relevant.

If people aren't watching as much TV then what are they doing instead? They are consuming media from online sources like Netflix and podcasts.

Podcasts Are As Popular As Twitter

According to Pew Research and Edison Research sometime in 2018 the number of podcast listeners will grow larger than the number of Twitter users.

Percentage of US Population Listens to Podcasts and Uses Twitter

You already know that Twitter is important for your social listening strategy. As the number of listeners grows it will become essential to integrate podcasts to your social listening solution.

Podcast Listeners Respond to What They Hear

According to this study by Edison Research, podcast listeners often take direct action in response to hearing about a product or brand in podcasts, including:

  • 45% have visited a sponsor's website
  • 42% consider a new product or service mentioned on a podcast
  • 37% gather more information about a product or company mentioned on a podcast

Podcasts Let You Hear What Consumers Really Think

Unlike most content on TV and radio, podcasts give you access to unscripted conversations with people who are not worried about offending advertisers. These completely unregulated conversations allow consumers to be open and honest with their opinions. Its time to start listening to what they are saying.

The Solution is FluidDATA

Podcasts are a great way to know what current customers are saying and what potential customers are hearing about you. Because of this, podcasts should be an integral part of your social listening solution. BitPlatter offers two solutions to help.

The FluidDATA Podcast Search Engine allows you to search more than 10 million podcasts, with over 20,000 new episodes added every day. Search for your brand or product to hear what people are saying or set up an email alert to be notified when you are mentioned.

The FluidDATA Stream API is a simple to use REST API that allows you get get transcript snippets of podcasts that mention your brand, product, or other keywords. If you already have your own social listening analytics solution this is the perfect way to integrate podcast data.

Take a look at our previous blog post for an example of how you can use podcast data to gain insight into your brand and industry. If you would like more information or to start a conversation please contact us at support@bitplatter.com.