Podcast Insights for Retail Brands


BitPlatter transcribes over 10,000 new podcasts every day to enable people to search and perform analytics on podcast conversations. You can search this transcript database using our FluidDATA Podcast Search Engine, but this article is all about demonstrating some of the insights you can gain by performing analytics on our transcript data.

We analyzed conversations of the 5 largest retail brands (Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, Costco, Home Depot) in 1,415,441 podcasts published in the third quarter of 2018 (July, August, and September). This article presents only a high level overview of the types of analytics you can generate with the FluidDATA podcast dataset. If you are interested in performing your own analytics with our dataset then checkout our BitPlatter website for more information.

Share of Voice

The FluidDATA Dashboard shows that Amazon is the fourth most mentioned company in podcasts behind Facebook, Apple, and Google. In fact, Amazon is mentioned in almost 10% of all podcasts. This is reflected in the much larger share of voice compared to the other brands.

Kroger and Costco don't appear to do any podcast advertising which is reflected in their lower share of voice compared to the other brands we analyzed.

Though the number of mentions of Walmart is much lower than Amazon, Walmart is mentioned much more than the other traditional brick and mortar retailers.


Amazon places a lot of advertisements in podcasts and you can see the monthly changes in their advertising messages in the topic analysis chart.

It is interesting that Amazon Prime Day wasn't mentioned more. While it did garner a fair amount of organic conversation in July, the "back to school" and "amazon music" advertisements in August and September outpaced the organic mentions for Amazon related to Prime Day.


Podcasts are a great medium for telling stories, and it seems that many of those stories takes place in a Walmart parking lot. The volume of discussion around events taking place in their parking lots consistently tops any other topic.

Except in July when people discovered that Walmart had an Impeach 45 line of clothing. While the initial discussion of this has died down, there were still several discussions of this into August.

Given that Walmart is trying to grow its online business it's surprising that they appear to have almost no podcast advertisements. Even with this lack of ads they still manage to receive about 5x as many mentions as any other brick and mortar retailer.


There are very few Kroger advertisements in podcasts. All the advertisements appear to be from radio shows that are also distributed via an RSS feed. Unlike the other brands, the top discussions related to Kroger (ordering groceries online and phasing out plastic bags) were very positive.

Kroger Field was mentioned a lot due to the Kentucky Wildcats beating Mississippi State at Kentucky in September.


Costco is known for not advertising so its no suprise that there are no Costco ads in podcasts. Since they don't advertise in podcasts all the topics presented here are from organic discussions. A lot of the discussions appear in business and financial podcasts along with their competitors like Sam's Club.

People were not happy about Costco getting rid of the polish dog in July. I didn't really mind as the regular beef hot dog tastes better anyway.

The spike in conversations around free samples in August was due to two men getting into a physical altercation over cutting in line for free cheese and hamburger samples at a Costco in South Carolina.

Home Depot

Home Depot does a fair amount of podcast advertising and you can observe their ad change from month to month over the summer. Much of the organic discussion of Home Depot is in business and financial podcasts discussing home improvement stores.


Even with Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods, there were more discussions of groceries related to Walmart than to Amazon.

All of the brands have some mention of their website in podcasts. Amazon and Walmart have the highest organic discussion about their website while mentions of Home Depot's and Kroger's websites are mainly from advertisements.

Costco, Walmart, and Amazon have the highest ratio of conversations related to people buying or purchasing products.

FluidDATA Stream API

The podcast transcripts used in this post were retrieved using BitPlatter's FluidDATA Stream API. The FluidDATA Stream API makes it easy to integrate podcast conversations into your analytics workflow. It's the perfect solution for media, social listening, advertising, open source intelligence, or other companies looking to expand their data sources to include podcast transcripts.

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