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Collection Updates

Added New Feeds

We have added over 170k new podcast feeds to FluidDATA.

As always, if you have a podcast feed you would like added to FluidDATA please send us an email with the feed url to

UI Updates

Player Updates

The FluidDATA audio player now displays the current time rather than the remaining time in the audio being played. This makes it easier for researches and reporters who use FluidDATA to find where in the source audio a word or phrase was said.

Search Box

We moved the search box to the toolbar at the top of the page. This allows you to start a new search from anywhere on the page.

Collapsable Menu

You can now collapse and expand the left navigation menu on desktop and mobile.


The login and register buttons are now easier to see. Remember to register to get your free 100 searches per month.


FluidDATA is a great way to search and navigate through massive audio datasets. We are constantly working on new features and improvements to allow users to garner new insight from audio and video across the web, or with their own datasets. It is the perfect tool for eDiscovery, educational research, and podcast listeners and creators. You can start searching and create an account at FluidDATA or checkout the recently released FluidDATA API.

Visit our homepage at or contact us as at if you are interested in integrating FluidDATA into your own workflow.